Thursday, January 31, 2013

Announcing the Next Generation of Skin Care

 For years, Amber Ridinger managed her own skin conditions by using countless costly crèmes, but only experienced marginal results at best. She realized the revitalization of her youthful skin could only occur if she developed the next generation of skincare products herself.

After working closely with beauty scientists and exploring the most advanced ingredients derived from the earth and sea, Amber created this extraordinary line. Lumière de Vie is in a category all its own yet is more affordable than competing brands.

Lumière de Vie promotes a revitalized radiance, improved clarity and younger-looking skin. These products are designed to promote the natural healing process to rejuvenate all skin types and complexions. The result: rejuvenated, luminous, beautiful looking skin.

Put Life and Light into your skin with Lumière de Vie!
The best!

This Spring's Fashion Trend - Water Colors

This is so exciting with Spring right around the bend and the new fashion trend of colors that are light, pastel and provide a gentle and elegant look. I love this new trend because it's basic, yet beautiful...hmmm basics are best is a phrase I have heard many times! The Eye shadow shades create that delicate and soft tone using light blues, greens, coral and off white that anyone can wear, whether in combination or alone
The Palette above from Motives, includes the following hues: champagne, shimmery blue, shimmery green, and shimmery orange. an be worn dry or wet. To achieve a bolder, vibrant look, wear these shadows wet. For a soft, delicate look, apply them dry.
I love these 2 shades of Nail Lacquer-Fierce and Daydream. Both are our limited edition to get them while they are available. Totally complements the look and for your lips...

yup, our Mineral Lip Shine in Peach Glaze perfectly pulls the spring look together to keep you in fashion and style for Spring and Summer of 2013

Here's a peek at LaLa's pick for the spring trend...pinks, gold's, blue's and more they are so gorgeous!
 Tell me what you think and what you love the most!!!

Quote for the Day

It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters." EPICTETUS (C. ad 55-C. 135)
photo by

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Something Beautiful

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quote for the Day

"All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled." Neville Gaddoard (1905-1972) New Thought Author

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 Love, Something Beautiful

Just Arrived - Motives Beauty Weapon

 Now you can create 3 different looks with eye shadow colors that compliment all eye colors & shapes! A Tutorial that shows you intense, natural and or smokey look for your eyes.

This is must in your arsenal of beauty kits! Great Valentin Gift too!

More Primary Benefits of Motives® Beauty Weapon:  
  • All colors can be worn wet or dry
  • Perfect for travel
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Lip Stain vs.Lip Stick for 2013

 Lip Stain vs. Lipstick: How to Apply

For those of you who don’t know the difference between the two products, here’s the truth behind the best lip stains vs lipstick and how to apply them each like a pro.

Lip Stain vs. Lipstick: How to Apply
courtesy of

 courtesy loren ridinger

Lip stain: You can purchase a stain, which saturates the lip with a sheer yet pigmented flush for a matte finish. It simply changes the color of your lips without looking like you are wearing any product. A good example of this is the classic Benefit Benetint, which is a stain that can be used on both your lips and cheeks. You can also create a similar look at home by blotting a rich-formula lipstick until you can no longer see the creamy finish (make sure your lips are hydrated for this!).
Lipstick: My favorite Motives Rich Formula Lipstick is foolproof! You just apply it onto your lips and then if you’re like me, you top it off with a shiny gloss. For fuller lips or if you’re attempting a bold color like bright red or deep purple, make sure you use a lip liner and lip brush for precise application. It will also help keep the product from running or smearing.

Tell us if you have ever tried Lip Stains, what you liked about it (or not), and what brand it is!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quote for the Day

 "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." Mother Teresa (1910-1997) Nobel Peace Prize-Winning Missionary

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Boosting Skin Health From Within

Usually, when we think about taking care of our skin, we think about topical skin care products like day creams, night creams, sunscreens, and many more such products.  We also think of reducing our exposure to sunlight by wearing skin-covering clothes and wide brim hats, and staying inside during the hottest parts of the day.  However, one of the things we often don’t consider is the benefits that our dietary choices can have for our skin.
As it turns out, numerous research studies have reported that what we eat and drink can have a real beneficial impact on our skin’s health.  So, what are some of the compounds found in foods and dietary supplements that have been shown to support healthy skin from within?  Let’s take a look.

Astaxanthin Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant compound derived from marine sources, particularly microalgae.  Research studies have shown that astaxanthin, consumed alone or combined with tocotrienols (one of the forms of vitamin E), has multiple benefits for skin health.  In one study [1], volunteers who consumed 4 mg of astaxanthin daily for 6 weeks obtained significant improvements in skin elasticity and skin hydration, and saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Similar benefits were obtained with daily intake of 2 mg astaxanthin + 40 mg tocotrienols for 4 weeks [2].

Pycnogenol™Pycnogenol is an extract from the bark of the French Maritime Pine tree (Pinus pinaster).  Numerous studies have shown that this extract has impressive antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  In one study, dietary supplementation with Pycnogenol for 8 weeks helped protect the skin of the study volunteers from ultraviolet (UV) light exposure [3].  A more recent study reported that skin hydration and elasticity was improved in postmenopausal women consuming Pycnogenol for 12 weeks [4].

Lutein Lutein is carotenoid antioxidant compound found naturally in dark, leafy vegetables like spinach and kale and yellow-colored foods like corn and egg yolks.  Best known for its importance in eye health, lutein has also been reported to support skin health and appearance.  Dietary supplementation with mixed carotenoids (8 mg each of beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein) for 12 weeks was shown to protect the skin of study volunteers from UV light exposure [5].  In a more recent human clinical study, both oral supplementation alone and topical application alone showed that lutein enhanced skin elasticity and skin hydration, while also protecting the skin from UV light.  These benefits were greatest when volunteers combined oral supplementation of lutein with topical application of lutein [6].
Lycopene.  Like lutein, lycopene is an antioxidant carotenoid.  Lycopene is best known as being responsible for the red color of tomatoes, making tomatoes an excellent source of lycopene.  Several human clinical studies have reported that dietary supplementation with lycopene (10 – 16 mg/day) or tomato-based products containing lycopene help protect the skin from photodamage by reducing its sensitivity to sunlight and suppressing the UV-induced increase in some of the enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown [7-9].
PomegranatePomegranates are rich in tannins and anthocyanins, potent antioxidant compounds.  A recent study using a human skin model system demonstrated that pomegranate products (an extract, a juice, and a pomegranate oil) reduced the ability of UV light to increase multiple enzymes responsible for the breakdown of the skin’s foundation proteins [10].

CocoaCocoa is rich in antioxidant flavanols, particularly catechin and epichatechin.  Recent research studies suggest that dietary consumption of high flavnanol cocoa has skin health benefits.  In one study, daily consumption of a high flavanol (326 mg) cocoa drink for 12 weeks improved skin density, skin hydration, and skin blood flow and also reduced the skin’s sensitivity to UV light [11].

  A second study recently confirmed that consumption of flavanol-rich chocolate for 12 weeks reduced the skin’s sensitivity to UV light [12].  It is important to remember that highly refined cocoa, like milk chocolate, tends to be low in flavanols.  Higher flavanol content is found more readily in less refined chocolate, like dark chocolates.
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)CoQ10, also known as ubiquinone, is naturally synthesized in the human body and plays an important role in mitochondrial function.  It is also known to have antioxidant benefits. While the research into the skin benefits of CoQ10 are still in the early stages, it has been reported that dietary supplementation with CoQ10 (60 mg/day for 2 weeks) reduced the appearance of wrinkles [13].  Furthermore, combining topical application of CoQ10 (0.05%) with dietary supplementation (50 mg/day) has also been reported to reduce the appearance of wrinkles [14].
While the impact of nutrition for skin care is still an emerging area of research, it is clear that there are a number of compounds found in natural foods and dietary supplements that can support skin health.  Though topical approaches are a critical part of our everyday skin care regimen, it is beginning to look like we can boost our skin care practices by making appropriate dietary choices."

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Quote for the Day

If the genius of invention were to reveal to-morrow the secret of immortality, of eternal beauty and youth, for which all humanity is aching, the same inexorable agents which prevent a mass from changing suddenly its velocity would likewise resist the force of the new knowledge until time gradually modifies human thought.”  Nikola Tesla (10 July 18567 January 1943) was a physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer.

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New Skin Care Line Coming Soon...

 Lumière de Vie, the revolutionary new skincare line from Amber Ridinger, will be officially introduced at MAWC 2013 this week!
This new line of skin care is designed to promote the natural healing process to rejuvenate all skin types and complexions!

Details to come soon!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quote for Sunday

 "Beauty starts within." Anonymous

There is so much truth to this. What ever our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about ourselves as well as the world around us, reflects outward in our looks, actions, and how we move about. IF negativity overcomes a person more often than not, it can show in the complexion, and how they take care of themselves - good health vs. poor; no makeup, hair or style to their appearance....just say'in... :)
SomethingBeautiful  4 You...

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Friday, January 25, 2013

What's the Trend for Spring 2013?

 Loren Ridginger has put together spring 2013 fashion trends posted on

2013 Spring Fashion Essentials

  • Statement sunglasses. Ditch the basic black and try fun tints, different shapes and bold frames that are all the rage.
  • Bermuda shorts. A super comfortable alternative for those who don’t like showing a lot of skin.
  • Vests. Black and white and color blocking are also top trends so this piece hits three 3 trends at once.
  • Boxy bags. A smaller, structured bag in neon is a must-have.
  • Leather trim. Love the subtle leather neckline on this tee (in my favorite cobalt blue color!).
  • Sheer. Sheer fabrics can be one of the most intimidating to try so start small, like with a fabulous scarf!
  • White suit. Make sure the tailoring is perfect for your body shape and go for an ankle length pant – no bootcut for a white suit.
  • Varsity jacket. A great transition piece, as recently spotted on both Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian.
  • Sporty dresses. A simple shape, again with a fresh color blocking pattern, is easy to throw on last minute while still looking chic.
  • Dressy flats. Metallic? Check! Studs? Check! No heel? Check!
  • Mid-length dresses. Choose a pretty dress that has a lot of flow for this trend.
  • Bralettes. Perfect underneath a sheer top or if you’re bold, pair alone with a high-waisted shorts or maxi skirt.
spring-2013-essentialsNordstrom sunglasses $22 Valentino shorts $140 United Bamboo vest $264 Kate Spade bag $82 Faux leather trim top $62 Target scarf $7.50 Neiman Marcus suit $395 Forever 21 jacket $25 Target color block dress $28 Alexander McQueen flats $202 Alice + Olivia pleated dress $457 Billabong bralette $30

Know that you can shop at at all of these stores and get cash back on your purchases! That's a win-win. 

What do you think, Beautiful?

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Friday Findings

 Here are 3 Friday Findings - With all of these stores you will  get cash back! gives you great prices on everything and free shipping. You can even get your rx's filled from  them and have them delivered to you.

Just go to stores and type in ""

When it comes to your teeth, you can never skimp! Now toothpaste has CoQ10 Proprietary combination of CoQ10, Xylitol and Vitamin C to fight and help reverse gum disease.

Get free shipping when you spend over 50.00!

Quote for the Day

 "Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear." The founder of Taoism is Laozi (also spelled Lao-Tzu)

What is your favorite quote that you live by day to day?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hair and Nail App for On the Go has a new app to download to help you find the best hair style from thousands of pics to choose from. No need to go through the magazines when you can just pick up your phone!  Download it for free available for either iPhone or Android


  • Instant Picture Upload: Share your newest Haircut to's Fresh Pix section to be commented, liked and shared with stylists and artists worldwide. 
  • News Reader: Read all of the most recent stories about Fashion Beauty, Tech, Art, Entertainment, and Music on Bangstyle right on your mobile device. 
  • Sharing Is Caring: Want to share an amazing article or awesome cut? No problem sharing to Twitter or Facebook is made easy using the Bangstyle App. 
  • Salon Locator: Locate all Bangstyle salons, view their pictures, get directions, and even call them using the Bangstyle Salon Locator. 
  • Fresh Pix: View all of the most recently uploaded haircuts from around the world using the Bangstyle Fresh Pix feature. 
  • My Pix: Store all of your haircuts in our Bangstyle Cloud. These pictures will also go straight to your Bangstyle profile on so clients and others can see your style! 
  • Inspire Button: Click the to save and organize your favorite haircuts and hairstyles to your profile.  
iTunes store also has a gazillion beauty apps easy to download. One in particular is Virtual Nail Salon

Quote for the Day

"One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is Love." Sophocles (496--406 BC) Greek Playwright

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Something Beautiful

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cropper the Fox

"Six years ago, Cropper was found in the street after a fight with dogs. Seriously injured and ill (toxoplasmosis), Cropper was nursed back to health by this man’s patience, love and determination. Not strong enough to return to the wild, Cropper spends very happy days with his human friend."

After finding and reading this from the Pinterest site, I just had to share for this is truly, something beautiful....

What do you think, Beautiful?

 Love, Something Beautiful

What's up with Eye Brow Kits?

There's been a lot of posting in the beauty blog world regarding Eye Brow Kits in finding the right one that is easy to apply and does exactly what you want it to do. The key to looking for a good eye brow kit is to make sure it does the follow for you:
  • Sculpt your brows
  • Obtain your desired shade
  • Provide antioxidants and hydrate the skin (the best combo of ingredients is Vitamin C & E)
  • Easy to use, effortless to apply and provide striking gleam!
Below are some of the popular choices however, the Motives Eye Brow Kit was the only one that provided quick access to the list of  ingredients, easy application without having to do guess work on which color is best for skin tone, because it has all combo of colors needed to create and blend with all skin tones and colors. Plus, provided instructions under FAQ's.

Also, when checking out the different products make sure you read the reviews on each. That will help you make the best decision based on your needs.

What do you think, Beautiful?
 Love, Something Beautiful

Quote for the Day

 "Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease." Hippocrates, Father of Western Medicine (CIRCA 460 BC-CIRCA 370 BC)

What do you think, Beautiful?  Have you ever experienced something where you were the one in control and reversed something within you that which created a healthy you?

 Love, Something Beautiful

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Beautiful Ideas for Valentines Day

Below are some great ideas that help you express your love and appreciation for that someone special in your life.....Get cash back on all these items and more....
Buy roses for that Special Someone and get extra MA CashBack  (Market America) cha ching right back into your pocket;-) ♡♥♡♥
maFlowers is part of our Valentine's Day Extra Cashback promotion! Order the perfect arrangement online and earn 15% Cashback through 2/14: ____________________________________________________________

What's Yours is Mine. What's Mine is Ours. Celebrate your fragrance by his and her's

This Gift Pack below is a wonder idea, leaving a lasting impression with the elegant aroma of gardenias and intoxicating musk. Luxurious shower gel and body lotion scented with MINE®
For the guy in your life that just loves his car! Autoworks Car Wash Pack
Uniquely Beautiful Jewelry: Yours By Loren 

20ct Red Quartz and White Topaz Sterling Silver ""Heart"" Earrings 



 Not sure???

  These are just some ideas. What are your ideas? 

Monday, January 21, 2013

5 Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter

 Posted from Market America blog (parent company of Motives ) on

Cold weather, shorter days, and the lure of comfort food can make staying healthy during winter a challenging task. If you find yourself feeling sluggish, sleepy, or suffering from a case of the sniffles, it’s probably time to incorporate some new healthy habits into your daily routine. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Here are 5 simple tips to help you stay healthy this winter.
Get some (quality) sleep
While it’s important to get enough sleep, it’s also important to get quality sleep. Unfortunately, certain activities, foods and drinks before bed can keep you from getting the high quality Z’s you deserve. Here are the top offenders to be aware of:
Laptop and TV screens: the artificial light these gadgets produce has been shown to suppress the production of melatonin in the brain, so make it a habit to turn power these down at least an hour before bedtime.
High fat, high protein and spicy foods: eat any of these before bedtime and you’ll likely be tossing and turning for hours.
Alcohol and caffeine: it goes without saying that caffeinated beverages can keep you up at night, so put a lid on all caffeinated drinks at least 6 hours before bed. Alcohol on the other hand may make you feel sleepy at first, but research shows that consumption before bedtime can disrupt sleep and lead to middle of the night awakenings.
Get Moving
Let’s be honest: cold weather is more likely to inspire nights cuddled on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa than vigorous cardio activity. But that doesn’t mean you have an excuse to take a hiatus from your exercise routine! Get motivated to move this winter by switching it up. Do you miss running outside with your friends in the summer? Try signing up for group exercise classes to get you through the winter. Sick of doing the same boring routine at the gym? Sign up for a one-on-one personal training session to get new ideas for ways to get fit. Consider any type of exercise to be a form of mild torture? Make exercise fun by trying any one of these at home dance video games, no coordination required! Regardless of what you choose, just make sure that you MOVE!
Take your Isotonix ®
Whether you’re partial to Isotonix® Vitamin D with K2, OPC-3®, or Beauty Blend, it’s more important now than ever that you remember to take it! Dry winter air is a breeding ground for all sorts of germs, so make sure to support your health during cold and flu season by incorporating Isotonix supplements into your morning routine.
Drink more water
Water helps keep you energized, your skin hydrated, and regulates almost all the functions of your body. So why aren’t you drinking more of it? This winter, make it a habit to drink more H2O by replacing at least one sugary or caffeinated beverage with water, keeping a water bottle on your desk at all times, and sipping at least 8 ounces with every snack or meal.
Show germs who’s boss
Here’s a scary fact: cold and flu-causing germs can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours! To keep yourself from getting infected, take five minutes each day and wipe down every surface you touch with disinfecting wipes. Make sure you don’t forget about your keyboard, cellphone, briefcases and handbags; these have been shown to harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat!

To stay healthy year-round, all it takes are small adjustments to our daily routine. What are your favorite tips or tricks for staying healthy in the winter?

What do you think, Beautiful? Love, Something Beautiful

How to Save Your Nails from Chipping

Here is a long time and the easiest remedy for nails from the ladies in the Philippines that helps your nails from chipping: ADD GARLIC to CLEAR nail polish. This is the easiest way to getting super stronger nails.

  •  Use fresh garlic - cut a couple of cloves and put them in your favorite base coat or nail treatment product.
  • Let it sit for a couple of days and then go for it!

You will notice a slight smell but once you polish your nails it will disappear! 


If you have another remedy that you have found works, please share!!!

What do you think, Beautiful?
Something Beautiful

Quote for the Day

"It is the cause of all perfection of all things throughtout the universe." The Emerald Tablet (circa 3000 BC)

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Something Beautiful

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quote for the Day

 "Happiness depends upon ourselves." Aristotle (384-322 BC)

What do you think, beautiful?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Beauty Findings

 Here are 3 Top Notch Pampering Products for your Friday Findings

Motives Pucker Up Lip Plumper $16.00

Royal  Spa Imperial Blend Bath and Shower Gel $11.95
 Motives Lip Treatment $20.00 

What do you think, Beautiful?

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How to Apply Liquid Eye Liner

Okay ladies, I know how some days your in a hurry and you really want to use that liquid eye liner, but you hesitate because you basically have one shot at it without having to take any more time in removing the boo boo and reapplying your foundation before trying it again. Am I right??? So what do you do? You decide another time when you have more time or not at all.Yes it can be very intimidating for many of us which is why after reviewing these, they will help.
Here are found 3 liquid eye liner for beginners tutorials that teach you how to apply this product perfectly with a few tricks (post-its, anyone?). Check out the videos below.

What do you think, Beautiful? Do you have any helpful tips for application? We'd love to hear.... Love, Something Beautiful

Quote for Your Beautiful Day

 "Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice." Williams Jennings Bryan (1860-1925)

What do you think, Beautiful? Love, Something Beautiful

Calcium and Vitamin D Boost Body Fat Loss

 This article gives you the research on how Calcium (building block for bones) and Vitamin D (helps the skin, metabolism and help lower heart disease risk) will assist with body fat loss. Remember ladies, to get in to shape or keep your body in great condition, it takes a life time commitment, positive energy and putting all of that together in a exercise program, eating whole foods and not processed plus getting enough rest.

 Author: Olivia Mungal From Market America Blog
If you, like millions of other people, recently just started a new diet for your New Year’s Resolution, you may be in luck. A recent study shows adding calcium and vitamin D supplements to a calorie-restricted diet may boost the loss of body fat more than the diet alone.

The Study

Chinese researchers from the Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences in China tested 52 obese or overweight adults. All participants were asked to follow an calorie-restricted diet (-500 kcal/daily), but half were randomly selected to take a Calcium and Vitamin D supplement, and the other half were given placebos.
The calcium and vitamin D group achieved 55.6% augmentation of fat mass loss compared with the control, despite the face that there was no significant difference in body weight change between groups,” researchers noted in the Nutrition Journal.
About a quarter of the US adult population is obese, and even more are considered overweight. Over 300,000,000 adults are considered obese worldwide, according to statistics from the WHO and the International Obesity Task Force."

What do you think, Beautiful?
Something Beautiful

Happy Friday

What do you think, Beautiful?

Something Beautiful

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do You Know Your BMI? What the Heck is That?

BMI- Basal Metabolism Index - is a measurement of obesity and health. For your convenience there is a BMI calculator on the right side navigational panel, just scroll down and get your index. Below is an article from  to help you further understand the critical importance of knowing what your BMI is and if you need to make any changes in your eating habits.

i-8540bc6ecce1d00a067cb4c76466a07c-obesity measure.jpg
If you go to your physician’s office and inquire about your weight status, he or she will measure your height and weight to derive your BMI (weight in kg divided by height in m squared). Then they will compare your BMI to that of established criteria to decide whether you are underweight (<18.5 kg/m2), normal weight (18.5-24.9 kg/m2), overweight (25-29.9 kg/m2), or obese (>30 kg/m2) . Often times, this measure alone determines whether or not you receive lifestyle treatment. But how useful is this measure anyways? What does it tell you about your health? And finally, how helpful is it to measure when assessing the effect of a lifestyle (diet/exercise) intervention?
For quite some time I have been meaning to discuss some of the issues of solely relying on BMI as a measure of obesity and health, and a nice nudge from our friend ERV was just the motivation  I needed to finally get to work.

Before I get into the various limitations of BMI, I must point out that the measure is quite useful across large populations, as it is well correlated with the degree of adiposity, and of course it is extremely simple to measure in clinical practice.
Nevertheless, here are some of the key issues with BMI, particularly when used on an individual basis.
1. BMI does not differentiate between the Michelin Man and The Terminator
Ok, we might as well just get this abundantly obvious problem out of the way. I have heard countless times how one buff celebrity or another (e.g. Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock etc.) would be classified as overweight or obese according to their BMI due to their excess amount of muscle. Yes, this is absolutely true. BMI is a measure of relative weight; fat mass and muscle mass are not distinguished. Here’s what is equally true: the large majority of the general population with a BMI in the overweight or obese range does not look like Jerry Maguire or the Terminator. Also, if you seek advice from your physician about your “excess weight”, in case you have body dysmorphia and cannot yourself decide, they will quickly be able to assess whether your excess weight is due to your bulging muscles or your rolls of adipose tissue. So while this is an obvious problem, I would argue not the main issue.

2. BMI does not differentiate between apples and pears
For over 60 years, we have known that independent of how heavy a person is, the distribution of their body weight, or more generally the shape of their body is a key predictor of health risk. It is now well established that individuals who deposit much of their body weight around their midsection, the so called apple-shaped, are at much greater risk of disease and early mortality in contrast to the so called pear-shaped, who carry their weight more peripherally, particularly in the lower body. Thus, two individuals with a BMI of 32 kg/m2 could have drastically different body shapes, and thus varying risk of disease and early mortality.

Fortunately, a very simple measure allows you or your physician to decide whether your elevated BMI is of the apple or pear variety: waist circumference. Current thresholds suggest that a waist circumference above 88 cm in women and 102cm in men denotes abdominal obesity. Interestingly, for the same BMI level, those individuals with an elevated waist circumference have a greater risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mortality, and numerous other health outcomes. Thus, as studies from our laboratory have consistently suggested, waist circumference may be a more important measure of obesity and health risk than BMI. Currently, most researchers would agree that waist circumference should be measured along with BMI to adequately classify obesity-related health risk.

You can measure your own waist circumference by using a tape measure and wrapping it around your abdomen, at the level of the top of your hip bones. Make sure you measure at the end of exhalation, without sucking in your gut – you’re only fooling yourself!

3. BMI does not always budge in response to lifestyle change
Given the number of papers my supervisor, Dr. Ross, and I have published on the topic, I would argue this is the biggest drawback of using BMI: it doesn’t always change even though you may be getting healthier. This is particularly so if you adopt a physically active lifestyle, along with a balanced diet, but are not necessarily cutting a whole lot of calories. This lack of change in BMI or body weight is all too often interpreted as a failure, resulting in the disappointed individual resuming their inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns.

However, as we have argued most recently in a paper in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, several lines of evidence suggest that weight loss or changes in BMI are not absolutely necessary to observe substantial health benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Thus, an apparent resistance to weight-loss should never be a reason for stopping your healthy behaviours.

First, it is well established that increasing physical activity and associated improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness are associated with profound reductions in coronary heart disease and related mortality independent of weight or BMI. Second, exercise (even a single session) is associated with substantial reduction in several cardiometabolic risk factors (such as blood pressure, glucose tolerance, blood lipids, etc.) despite minimal or no change in body weight. Third, waist circumference and abdominal fat (arguably, the most dangerous fat) can be substantively reduced (10-20%) in response to exercise with minimal or no weight loss. In fact, significant reductions in fat mass often occur concurrent with equal increases in muscle mass in response to physical activity – equal but opposite (and beneficial!) changes which are not detected by alterations in body weight on the bathroom scale, and thus BMI.

So in the end, while BMI surely has its strengths in ease of use and pretty good reliability in large populations, on an individual basis, the greater focus should be on healthy behaviors: physical activity and a healthy diet. And if you must measure something, check your waist circumference.
Peter Janiszewski
Ross R, & Janiszewski PM (2008). Is weight loss the optimal target for obesity-related cardiovascular disease risk reduction? The Canadian journal of cardiology, 24 Suppl D PMID: 18787733

What do you think, Beautiful?  Did this article help you in any way?
Something Beautiful

How to Put On Eye Shadow- Basic and Advanced Demo

There are many many different styles and application of putting on your eye shadow and it all depends on what you like as well as what look you are trying to achieve. 
  • The every day look using 2 shades - light and dark; 
  • Or to create depth and highlight your eyes where you will focus on the inner corner with a light shade and darker to the outer corner or 
  • The smokey look which creates a dramatic look just to give you same ideas.

Instead of posting a video demo below are 2 sheets you can print out and keep close by. In this instance its much easier to refer to as you are playing with the different looks than watching a video and having to stop, start, and rewind.

Below are 5 different ways that are classic and never go out of style. Enjoy and feel free to post what you think!

Right click each page and pick "Save Image As" to your desktop!

What's your favorite style of wearing your eye shadow, Beautiful?
Something Beautiful

Quote for the Day


What do you think, Beautiful?

Something Beautiful