Monday, February 18, 2013

What's the Best Way to Apply Liquid Foundation?

The best way to apply foundation is to use a Foundation Brush. You want to use a quality made brush from made from extra-soft taklon (cruelty free) which is  the finest synthetic bristles that gives you incredible control for an airbrush-like finish. This allows you  to evenly apply and blend your foundation for perfect coverage provide a smooth, even finish while minimizing product waste.

The extra soft taklon bristles are especially designed to pick up and deposit foundation on the face without soaking up the product, meaning you save money yearly on liquid foundation.

There are soooo many brushes on the market today, with a price range of under $10.00 to over $50.00

If you've never used a brush before I don't recommend going out and buying the most expensive one there is just because of the price or the name! Take a look  and compare. See the shape and how much of an angle there is. Ones with a soft angle allows you to gently get under and around your eyes with control versus those that are big and fat. Remember, you're going to have fondation on that brush and you want total control when applying and if the brush is too big you're going to waste your foundation.

I recommend that you don’t use your hands to apply makeup as this can add oil to your face. By using Foundation Brush, you can achieve a smooth, even finish with no waste, making your foundation last longer. Oh, and sponges and or wedges absorb more of the foundation so you have to keep adding more on it before you are done! What's the point in that???

You can use a foundation brush on several different types of  Foundation Products:
Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation
Ageless Renewal Foundation
Color Perfection Quad or 
Custom Blend.

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