Friday, December 21, 2012

Just Before Christmas

Many shop at the last minute as well as those that shop way ahead and still both case scenarios there is a need to still get a couple of extra gifts! Here are some quick but elegant quick gift ideas to get for that last minute shopping just before Christmas:

If you are shopping on line believe it or not LLBean is shipping for free and says it will get there by Christmas. I know this because I called them this morning. One of our packages was soaking wet from the rain last night but fortunately the gift was not damaged. They told me if the product was not to my satisfaction we can return it and get the exact gift (slippers for my guy- hope he doesn't read this post :) ) Anyway, point being if you are reading this today and even tomorrow, Saturday there are some really cool gifts on that site.

Here are some other quick gift ideas:  E-Gifts!!!

Take a breath and stop panicking — SHOP.COM has everything covered!
With eGifts, you can set up a personalized shopping cart filled with items tailored to your recipient’s taste that allows them to choose. Gift cards are great for giving the recipient the power of choice, but E-Gifts adds the personalized touch to add thoughtfulness. Creating an eGift is quick and easy and sent instantaneously. Here’s how:
Browse for the gift with the search engine then select ‘OneCart Stores®’ from your search results page. Choose the gift you want from the endless options available.

When viewing the item, click  to add it to your eGift.

After signing into your account, customize your eGift to your recipient with their name and a personal message. Click “Send eGift” when you’re ready!

Enter your information and schedule the date you would like to send the eGift. As shown below, you can send it immediately or later. So go ahead, wait until the VERY last minute because eGift arrives in your recipient’s inbox within minutes!

The following screen will ask for your payment information before you check out so that your recipient can choose and receive your gift instantly!
Gift giving could not be more simple or easier.

Happy shopping!

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